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Shooting Sports @ ARASA

Come & explore to reach the perfection

For most of the people the word "FIREARM" either strikes safety or crime but we at ARASA want to make the people aware that it also plays a part in sports accepted and established in Olympics as well.

Our approach is to get people trained and help them make their path towards various levels on this sports. With our mordern equipments and facilities we want to offer a platform to shooters in building perfection & help them attain their goals.

Not just limited to Trap shooting but we also offer wide range of sports with the range to enhance the skills. This also includes Air Gun and Small Bore Rifles.

Few benefits that you get with ARASA are: 

  • On field guidance by experts.

  • Interactive training sessions by notable Instructors, Coach and Referees.

  • Exposure to precision weapons used for International Sports.

  • Access to range with modern equipments.

  • Score tracking for each shooter to showcase individual performance.

  • Guest & Visitor Lounges

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