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We at ARASA are offering a platform to all adventure sports lover to explore a location which can give you access to admire the beauty of the nature with your passion. You can spend your time on  a horse or just test the horse power of your vehicle. ​

With appropriate guidance & support we help you to enhance your skills and knowledge.


The location of the academy gives you an access to the perfect location to test your off-roading skills. From sand trail to mud pits or you might want to drive through the slopes. Drive off in the river bed and get access to all these exploration areas. 

At ARASA we help you with all the necessary information and assistance while you enjoy your off-roading.

Contact us for the schedules and upcoming events.

Trail Riding

Whether you are beginner or expert we have arrangments and location which can allow you to explore the nature on horse back riding. With lessons to beginners and location for experts we have adequate access for areas for you to enjoy your time.

Contact us now for lessons and schedules.




Equine Sports

ARASA is not just an academy supporting shooting sports but also keen to offer lessons and training to elevate your equine skills. If you are willing to explore a carrer in equine sports we have arrangements and support for you in helping attain your goals.

Contact us know for the available programs.

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