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ARASA is a one stop location for all sport enthusiastic. Regardless of your gender or skill level, we provide a welcoming environment, training opportunities, and the experience that leaves everyone with a respect towards adventurous sport. Academy is fully stocked with best amenities, infrastructure, nature; you will be greeted by our truly state of the art shooting range& stables. Certified instructors to guide and educate enthusiast of all categories.  Our range is open to the members.

​ARASA also conduct various equine & Off-Roading events on regular intervals to promote other sports.

​ARASA is located on the basin of Meshvo river, which adds charm to the ambience of the range. ​Easily accessible from Ahmedabad, Kheda, Nadiad, Anand & Vadodara helps it convenient for shooters to spend quality time at range.

ARASA Objectives

Promote Adventure and Shooting Sports.

Availability of Shooting Range for all aspiring shooters.

Create an Environment to inculcate sportsmanship & discipline.

Create Benchmark Conduct & Etiquettes in sports.

Introduction to quality and innovative skills for precision arms & Adventure Sports.

Encourage Talent.

Elevate sportsmen to National & International level from Gujarat & West Zone.

ARASA Benefits

On field guidance by experts.

Interactive training sessions by notable Instructors, Coach and Referees.

Exposure to precision weapons used for International Sports.

Access to range with modern equipments.

Score tracking for each shooter to showcase individual performance.

Guest & Visitor Lounges

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