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Awarness program for school childerns & youngster.​

Through the school routine or education its rare that kids gets a visit or introduction to shooting sports. Negligence and inaapropriate information at times​ lead to misreprestation of the entire vertical. 

We at ARASA schedule visits and orientation program for kids from Govt. School students and kids who can rarely get access or exposure to experience a shooting range. They are given an orientation about the guidlines and elevation scope towards the sports which are part of the shooting arena. 

With the program "ARASA-Gurukul", Shri Ashish Amin have a vision to help offer Youth's a platform which not only support them to build a carrer but also get a oppurtunity to elevate on various level in shooting sports.

No limited but "ARASA-Gurukul" also offer inducted students to get benefit of coaching with appropriate guidance from Renown Coaches & Shooters.

"ARASA-Gurukul" will extend all possible assistance and provide access to all youth who are keen to participate in shooting sports.

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