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A step towards helping shooters with assistance.​

There have been enumerous instances and examples where people can't reach their desire goals in sports due to lack of support or financial. Shooting sports been one of the those sports which requires financial involvement as well as through guidance. At ARASA we extend support all those shooters who have exceptional skills & caliber to attain heights but have to halt their exploration due to any such huddles. To enhance their skills we strive to provide them with alll the possible guidance & support required through their journey to reach to the level.​

With the vision of our founder to spread awarness of the sport and to elevate sportsmen to National & International level from Gujarat & West Zone we at ARASA are committed to provide all support to shooters.

Any member seeking assistance from ARASA can submit their request to our office and we shall be keen to review your request. All request are throughly reviewed and each shooter gets adequate orientation from academy. This also includes testing and analysis of skills & knowledge.

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